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Everything You Need to Help Your Baby Progress From Crawling to Standing

Emma H November 24, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing

Questions Answered In This Video

  1. Is it normal to swap between crawling and walking?
  2. My baby can pull themselves into standing but can’t get back down. They tend to fall onto their bottom. How can I teach them to get back down without falling?
  3. Will a baby walker help my baby learn to walk?
  4. Should I hold my baby’s hands to walk?
  5. My baby only walks if I hold their hands. How do I get them to walk independently?
  6. My baby still isn’t walking at 12 months old. Should I be concerned?
  7. My baby walks on their toes. Is this ok?
  8. My baby has flat feet. Is this ok?
  9. My baby’s feet turn in when they walk. Is this ok?
  10. What if my child has bowed legs?
  11. Should I buy shoes for my baby?