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  • Emma H

    June 25, 2024 at 8:22 pm

    Hi Monique,

    It’s been great to see how your little one has progressed over the last three months. I’ve really enjoyed your updates!

    Regarding naps, it sounds like her sleep environment is great, and she has a regular routine. It also seems she has a set nap schedule that she is following.

    Now, we need to focus on teaching her how to fall asleep in her crib for naps. It shouldn’t take too long to learn this skill, as she can already do it at bedtime.

    Are you open to slightly changing up the nap routine? Here’s what I suggest:

    • Go into her room and put her in her sleeping bag (if she wears one).
    • Close the blinds, turn off the light, and shut the door.
    • Read a book with a nightlight on. Darkening the room first and then reading the book can be a stronger signal that it’s time to relax and get ready for sleep.
    • When the book is finished, turn off the nightlight, rock her in your arms while singing a lullaby, and then place her in the crib and walk out of the room, closing the door behind you.

    Since she’s used to you walking out of the room after placing her in the crib at bedtime, this might help encourage her to fall asleep for naps as well.

    Once you’re out of the room, complete the “watch and listen” part of the pyramid while observing or listening to the monitor. At this age, staying in the room can be more stimulating and frustrating for them since they know you’re there but not doing anything. Leaving the room can minimises this frustration and distraction, allowing her the opportunity to fall asleep.

    If she calls out but the volume and consistency remain the same with pauses in between, continue to watch her on the monitor and give her the space and time to fall asleep. If her call-outs increase in volume and intensity with no break between cries, go in and move up the pyramid as needed, remembering to move back down the pyramid. Once you enter the room, stay until she falls asleep. Entering and exiting the room can be confusing for them and cause more resistance to sleep.

    I hope this helps!