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  • Sarah Cornett

    June 21, 2024 at 11:09 pm

    Thank you Emma,

    You’re spot on, Cyrus is still is doing 4 naps which was working until now but I have been worrying about when to drop the last nap. He sleeps in sleepsack (no swaddle) and his daytime naps are seemingly getting longer. I mainly worry about what to do with his feeds and making sure he eats enough during daytime hours.

    We combo breastfeed and bottle feed formula so the feeds tend to be longer (25-45min total). The majority [80%+] of his food is formula, so maybe I should cap the time he breastfeeds? Or only BF at certain time of day?

    I’m not always sure he gets enough food per feeding. I try to keep to one feed per wake window (wake – feed- play – sleep) with the exception of the last one before bed (wake-feed-play-feed-play-bed). This seems to have helped with him sometimes settling independently for bed after his routine.

    We had a few crazy weeks with him settling without help for all his naps and wailing for hours at bedtime, then now it seemed to be the other way around wailing for each nap and settling fine for bedtime.

    “”Luckily”” the confusion has ended because now he just wants to be held EVERTY time he goes to sleep. I worry this will eventually turn into him waking at for night parties again. I use the settling pyramid but this week he won’t have it and just wails until picked up and held/walked to sleep.

    I will try to transition to 3 naps/day and continue teaching him to self soothe with pyramid – do you have any tips on how do I divide his feeds if he still needs at least 5-6 because he won’t take full 6oz each time?

    Thank you, Emma!

    PS. After his two midnight parties he has slept through night, I originally thought part of it was he hadn’t eaten quite enough but he did have 4 and 4.5hours of nap time during those days.

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