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  • Monique Potgieter

    June 21, 2024 at 5:14 am

    Hi Emma,

    I am glad all is well, and your youngest is feeling better and that she stopped sucking her finger 馃檪

    Let me get back to you before my time here runs out (very sad about almost the end of my journey here <3 ). Here are my answers to your questions:

    路 What time does she wake up in the morning?

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  • She typically wakes at 6 am
  • 路 What time does she nap, and how long are her naps?

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  • Her first nap we aim for 9 am, typically only 30 minutes
  • Second nap at 1 pm, typically only 30 minutes. Our nanny can at
    times extend this one to a total of 1 hour.
  • 路 What time does she go to sleep at night?

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  • We put her in bed at 6 pm if she wakes anything before or at 2 pm.
    If she had a longer afternoon nap we let her sleep at 6:30 pm
  • 路 What is her nap routine?

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  • We go to her room, read a book, close the blinds, rock her a bit (probably
    30 seconds) then put her down and tap her. Our nanny does not leave the
    room and stays with her tapping her.
  • When her father and I do this over the weekends, she fights the
    naps a lot more and does not seem to calm down when we place her in her
    cot. We have tried staying next to her and also leaving the room.
  • 路 Where is she sleeping for her naps 鈥 so what鈥檚 the environment like, is it the same place she sleeps overnight?

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  • She sleeps in her room in her cot (same place as night sleep). We
    have blockout curtains installed and use a white noise machine.
  • 路 What is the bedtime routine and how are you settling her to sleep at this time?

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  • At night we play, bathe her, dress her, breastfeed, read a story
    book (all in our room), then take her to her room and place her in her cot,
    then leave the room.
  • With her naps, she fights them a lot more over the weekends compared to the week. For example this weekend we did the nap routine and put her down at 9 am, she did not settle and was crying a lot, we eventually at 9:30 am took her out of the room and gave her a 20 minute time-out to relax outside of the room. Just before 10 am we did the nap routine again and place her in her cot, it took another 20 minutes and eventually she fell asleep only to wake 24 minutes later.

    It does seem like the little amount of sleep is starting to affect her night time sleep as she wakes around 1am and then sometimes again at 5 am. I try to feed her only once per night and try to do so after 2 am, to get her to stretch to 6am without having to go in and feed her again at 5 am.

    It has been so great working with you and getting your inputs and support J Looking forward to your advice on this.

    warm regards, Monique