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  • Simona Blanarikova

    June 20, 2024 at 7:44 pm

    Hello Emma,

    It’s a bit hard to tell with the daytime naps because they change each day lately. Normally, he would nap for 40min with about 1h:15min or 1h:45min wake windows in between. So he would take approximately 5 of these naps during the day.

    Over the weekend, my husband took him to our bed with him after the 40min for the first two naps, prolonging them to about 1h:30min and 3h. I think that’s when the little one kept waking up at the beginning of the night the most.

    On Monday, he had his usual 5 naps but kept yawning each time he woke up. He didn’t want to continue sleeping with me. He woke up once at the beginning of the night and then continued sleeping until the first feeding.

    Then on Tuesday he kept being fussy all day and fell asleep after short 1h wake windows. He fell asleep well in the evening but woke up after 40min and I had to rock him back to sleep.

    And yesterday, I was not home for his last nap so he wasn’t woken up early. He slept until about 18:45 and we started the evening routine at 19:30. He should normally go to bed at around 20:00 but when I tried to put him down at 20:15 he protested a lot. I left him to play and then tried again at 21:00. He continued to scream but eventually fell asleep when I kept rocking him for a while.

    We moved the evening routine to a bit earlier than before. We start at 19:30 and he is ready for bed at about 20:00. When he wakes up at the beginning of the night, it’s often enough to soothe him without picking him up but oftentimes I have to pick him up and resettle him again at least once. We don’t let him stay up for a full wake window even if it’s harder to resettle or when he keeps waking up. It’s also hard to write about what happens at night because since we last wrote he woke up first at 23:00 & 3:00 for feeding, then 00:00 & 5:00, and this night 3:00 & 6:00. It does fit what you said about going longer stretches at the beginning but at this point, it feels like it’s still affected by other factors rather than being a new pattern (e.g. going to bed later yesterday). He wakes up once or twice in addition to the feeding times when I have to soothe him & replace the pacifier.