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  • Kos Syr

    June 20, 2024 at 3:25 am

    Dear Emma,

    I havent answered you the other day because I tried to apply all your recommendation and come back with feedback.

    I have put Hellen at 8 pm since we discuss it and she has few days she wake up between 6am-6:15 instead of 5 am. So thats great. 🙂

    Justo to let you know that sometimes when she wakes up at 6:00am I feed her then she poops (she always poop) and then she sleeps until 7am, but not all the times, there times that even if I feed her she becomes vocal and she is not sleeping.

    I understand that this is normal for toddlers to awake at 6-7 am but I would like to get her sleep little later at least half an hour. Is there any tips to do that?

    Is it better to stop feed her, Do I create a bad habit, like maybe in later months she could awake later and now I learn her to ask for food to 6 am.

    Thank you so much Emma,

    You are really helpful and professional.