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  • Simona Blanarikova

    June 16, 2024 at 9:11 pm

    Hi Emma,

    Thank you for the tips. I’m sorry for taking a while to respond. The little one continues to take short naps but they are all in the crib now 🙂 I am not sure if the white noise machine is helping but it doesn’t bother us so we have it on just in case. We’ll start using the full settling pyramid and fading out the pacifier soon (As soon as I regain a bit of energy).

    1. Would you suggest starting first with one and then the other or implementing both changes at the same time?

    2. When you say “fade out” does that mean that our ultimate goal is not to use the pacifier at all in the future?

    These days we are struggling with bedtime sleep again and it’s very frustrating because I thought we had this part figured out already. We go through the evening routine (bath, massage, feed, rock or hold to sleep) and normally he would sleep until the first-night feeding. Now he started to wake up after 40 minutes and struggles to keep sleeping afterward. Almost as if he woke up from a day nap. At first, I thought it was because the last nap of the day was interrupting his bedtime but it happens even if we time the last nap well or wake him up from it so there’s enough awake time before bed. He wakes up even if the pacifier doesn’t fall out. This continues to happen every 40 minutes until about midnight.

    3. Does this sound like it’s a natural part of this developmental stage or do you think something is interfering with his sleep? (e.g. going to bed too early/late, sleeping too much/little during the day, etc.)

    During the day, he often wakes up from naps still yawning quite a bit and today he continued to sleep for another hour when my husband held him after waking. It makes me wonder whether I should let him sleep in my arms when he wakes up after 40 minutes or start the next wake window if he doesn’t want to sleep in the crib. It feels almost like he is not getting enough sleep now. For context, my husband didn’t unswaddle him and just kept holding him once in the bed next to him and once in his arms. He continued to sleep in both cases.

    4. Is it possible for the baby to be getting too little sleep during the day? Should I sometimes prioritize longer sleep over “crib practice”?