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  • Maddie Maughan

    June 13, 2024 at 12:15 pm

    Hi Emma

    Teething has been rough – I feel like we’ve gone backwards 😣

    Baby is waking every two hours and it’s taking an hour plus to get her back to sleep.

    I’ve tried just settling her without feeding, but I always end up feeding her and then I’m finding I put her down pretty much asleep and she wakes 10mins later and I have to start the whole process again and this is what’s waking an hour or more to get her back to sleep. Sometimes I’m giving her more painkillers in that time too which is an ordeal in itself!

    Shes still going down at the beginning of the night fine and for naps, but overnight from about 10pm she’s waking and not settling easily.

    I’m worried that I’m creating a bad habit because I’m holding her for a while when she’s stopped feeding to give her extra comfort and make sure she’s asleep. So I need to be concerned about this? Or do you think it’ll improve once the pain has stopped for her?

    Just so exhausting how we always seem to make progress then everything goes bad again!