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  • Emma H

    June 11, 2024 at 12:22 pm

    Hi Sarah,

    It sounds like your little one is quite settled during sleep, which is fantastic! It’s great to hear that he’s sleeping through the night and his naps are going well.

    It’s amazing what our baby devices can tell us! It might have suggested that your little one transition to a crib because, when a baby is close to learning to roll over (which can happen around 4 months of age), it’s recommended that they move to a crib for safety.

    Given that your little one’s sleep is fairly consistent, the transition from a bassinet to a crib shouldn’t be too disruptive. The first sleep in the crib might be a bit challenging as he adjusts, but he should settle back into his usual routine within a day or two.

    Here are some tips to help with the transition:

    Timing the Transition:

    It’s great that you already have a consistent bedtime. Try to make the transition when his sleep patterns are stable. If his current sleep routine is unpredictable, you might want to wait until it evens out. However, if he’s already rolling over, it’s best to start the transition now.

    Familiarize Him with the Crib:

    Let him play in the Newton travel crib during the day so he becomes familiar with it. This can help make the transition smoother.

    Maintain a Consistent Routine:

    Stick to your usual bedtime and nap routines as much as possible. Familiar steps like a bath, story, or lullaby will signal that it’s time to sleep, regardless of the sleeping environment. If he needs extra help the first night, that’s okay, but try to avoid introducing new sleep associations. For example, avoid feeding him to sleep if that’s not part of your usual routine.

    Comfort and Safety:

    Use the same sleep sack or swaddle that he’s used to in his current sleep space, as this will also signal to him that it’s time to sleep.

    Position the Crib in the Same Spot:

    If possible place the Newton travel crib where the bassinet used to be. This will ensure that the surroundings are familiar when he looks up, which can help ease the transition.

    Be Patient with the Adjustment Period:

    It’s normal for there to be an adjustment period. He might have a few nights or naps where he struggles more than usual. Be consistent (so respond how you usually do) and patient; he’ll adapt with time.

    I hope these tips help make the transition smoother for both of you!