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  • Kos Syr

    June 6, 2024 at 3:50 am

    Hi Emma,

    Apologies for my delayed reply, just trying to see if something change with Helen’s scheduled.

    1. You mentioned she naps at 9am and generally has a 35-40 minute nap. For her second and third naps, how long is she generally napping for? “1.5 to2.5 hours total ( she has 3-4 days now that either her morning nap or afternoon nap is 1.20 min) “
    2. Is she waking overnight for feeds? Or is she waking sometime between 5 and 6 am and you’re feeding her at this point to try and help her fall back to sleep? “Only between 5-6am, I do not feed her all the days, most of them just ignore her because she doesn’t cry, she just move around her bed, tummy, side to side with open eyes.
    3. From what you have said, I am guessing Helen’s schedule looks a little like this:
      • Wake: 5am – 6am ( most of the days I do not feed her that time because she doesn’t cry, I open the window at 7 and feed her 7:15am)
      • Feed and then play
      • Nap #1: 9am until 9:45am ( last days later)
      • Feed and then play, yes
      • Nap #2: 12pm until 12:45pm ( last days is going 2:30/3 hours as you reccommend me the others days, now she can extend the hour)
      • Feed and then play, yes
      • Nap #3: 3pm – 3:45pm ( last nap is always 25-27min)
      • Feed and then play and then feed, yes
      • Bedtime: 7/8pm, yes
    4. Is Helen having all her naps in a bedroom in a crib? Or is she still having some contact naps and naps in the pram? “Depends of the day but most of them I am trying in her crib”
    5. Does she self-settle for naps and bedtime? Yes she does

    Ps. Forgot to say that sometimes, trying to find a solution, between 5-6 I feed her with 5-10gr of water and then she return back to sleep for an hour for example.

    thank you so much for your time!!



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