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  • Emma H

    May 28, 2024 at 1:22 pm

    Hi Maddie,

    It’s often hard to see day-to-day improvements when you’re in the thick of it, but it’s helpful to be reminded of the progress you’ve made. It can definitely help keep you motivated!

    It’s perfectly okay to climb the settling pyramid if she fusses immediately when you put her down. The key is to ensure she completes the last step by herself, which reinforces her self-soothing skills. Your approach is spot on.

    It’s fantastic that she’s starting to self-soothe during naps and soon after bedtime.

    Moving her into her own room is a big step, and it’s normal to feel mixed emotions about it. Moving her crib a bit further from you in the meantime is a great transitional step. Many parents find that both they and their baby sleep better with this arrangement due to fewer disturbances. Using a monitor will help you assess her needs while still giving her the space to self-settle.

    If she’s been unwell, it’s natural for her to need more comfort and for her sleep to be disrupted. It sounds like you’re handling this well by giving her the extra cuddles she needs. Once she’s feeling better, you can gradually return to your regular sleep routines, and she should start stringing together longer stretches of sleep, particularly in the first part of the night.

    Keep up the great work! She’s already showing she can self-settle, so continuing to give her opportunities to practice will only strengthen this skill.