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  • Maddie Maughan

    May 6, 2024 at 6:29 pm

    Hi Emma

    Absolutely no consistency here at the mo!

    She definitely flings her legs up and down during the day on her play mat, and when we’re changing her, but less so I think in her bed.

    She hasn’t actually been doing it overnight for the past few nights. Instead she’s just grappling at her feet in her sleeping bag and is back to crying when she wakes and we’ve been having hourly and hour-long wakings again ☹️

    It does feel like we’re getting somewhere, it just isn’t linear. Like she’s stopped being so frustrated about not being fed to sleep, and she is getting easier to get down to sleep, but we still haven’t managed a settling pyramid from the start because she always starts to cry as soon as we’re putting her down.

    When she’s waking through the night she doesn’t always want feeding anymore, which is progress. But a lot of the time we can just pick her up and hold her still and she’ll go back to sleep almost immediately and then get upset when we’re putting her back down.

    So all a mixed bag!

    She’ll be 6 months in a few weeks – presumably we just keep going until it sticks? And then we need to think about transitioning her into her own room – any advice on the best time to do this??