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  • Vivian Kristina

    May 4, 2024 at 8:09 pm

    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for your suggestions, I’ve tried them all and he can now sleep on his tummy. He still gets frustrated sometimes when he wakes from his tummy. Also, I was wondering if scream-crying before naps is normal? It’s a recent thing – he never used to scream-cry, only fuss before naps. He also scream-cries during the day too now sometimes (previously a very happy baby). I’ve tried experimenting with wake windows, following his tired cues, settling but nothing seems to work. My husband and I will end up picking him up multiple times and rocking him to sleep. Is there anything else we can do? He mostly catnaps 15-45 minutes, very rarely his naps would go for an hour or more. He has 4 naps a day, occasionally 3 naps on a good day where one of the naps is long.

    Have a great weekend!