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  • Emma H

    May 3, 2024 at 9:27 pm

    Hi Vivian,

    It’s great that your little one has learned to roll over. But as you have noticed, this can impact sleep.

    Here are a few tips that might help:

    1. Practice Rolling Over: During the day, help him practice rolling from tummy to back. This can help him become more comfortable and skilled at rolling over, making him less likely to get stuck and upset at night or during naps.
    2. Adjust the Sleeping Environment: Ensure the crib environment is safe and free of loose items. Using a firm mattress and keeping the crib clear of toys or blankets can prevent any hazards when your baby is rolling around.
    3. Consider His Sleeping Position: It’s not uncommon for babies to start sleeping on their tummies once they roll over. You mentioned you can’t settle him using the settling pyramid. Are you trying this while he is lying on his tummy, or have you rolled him back onto his back? If you have rolled him back onto his back, would you consider leaving him when he rolls over onto his tummy and using the settling pyramid to help him fall asleep in this position if needed?
    4. Continue to Pause During Nighttime Disturbances: When he wakes early in the morning and gets upset, it’s great that you’re waiting before intervening. Continuing to give him a chance to self-soothe is key. If he remains upset, gently soothing him or rolling him back might help until he adjusts to this new skill. However, try to avoid creating new sleep associations (like feeding) that might be challenging to break later on.
    5. Be Patient: This phase should improve as he becomes more comfortable with rolling

    I hope that helps,