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Welcome To The Members Area! Forums Baby Sleep Help 2 month 3 weeks old – suddenly mouths and roots aggressively Reply To: 2 month 3 weeks old – suddenly mouths and roots aggressively

  • Sarah Cornett

    April 30, 2024 at 5:42 am


    I am so sorry to hear your little one had breathing issues. Please let me know whether things have stabilized and I hope she is on the upswing of whatever issue was plaguing her.

    Thank you for the reply. Since my last post I pushed through the boob prop and he has now graduated to being settled sometimes in crib with shushing and patting and mostly with me walking him around for less than 5 min. I Always end the walk standing still next to crib to see if he stays calm and if so I put him down. The only worry there is that he seems actually already in phase one just from the short walk and me holding him (sideways firmly supporting his back and tusch, not doing any real rocking or bouncing, just slowly walking around room). So I don’t know whether he is building a good sleep habit there or has just found another prop. Regardless. It is progress. I definitely need to try and make our wake up times more consistent. I find that on nights where he wakes up at 4, he never goes down before 5-5.30 and i feel drained at 6.30-7 and too tired to get up myself. He has had two days of long sleep stretches at night and now back to 1-2 random wake up at night. Im trying to figure out what I did right lol. And also just considering he is only 3 months so things will vary quite a bit still.

    Our feedings are quite long as I have to supplement bf with formula and I do try to give him 20 min on breast so I hope he gets as much as possible:/. How long before putting baby down at night for bedtime should I have ended feeding ideally?