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Welcome To The Members Area! Forums Baby Sleep Help Meltdown when placed awake into crib – unable to try settling pyramid Reply To: Meltdown when placed awake into crib – unable to try settling pyramid

  • Emma H

    April 24, 2024 at 9:34 pm

    Hi Angela,

    I am so sorry for my slow response.

    I had planned to join the forum yesterday, but my youngest had breathing issues and we had to rush to the emergency department. Thankfully, she’s doing fine now.

    How have the past few days been, especially with the transition from the swaddle to the sleeping bag? Has she started to suck on her hands now that they’re free?

    Regarding your question about sleep training, sleep training encompasses any method you use to improve your baby’s sleep. This includes establishing a bedtime routine, ensuring they sleep in a cool, dark, quiet room, and using strategies like the settling pyramid. These are all considered forms of sleep training that you can start from birth. However, if you’re thinking about methods like the check-in method—where you put the baby in the crib, leave the room, and return only for brief check-ins without picking them up—or the chair method—where you stay in the room but don’t interact physically— or CIO or the extinction method – where you place them in the crib and leave them to fall asleep – these are generally recommended for babies who are at least 4 months old.