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  • Maddie Maughan

    April 23, 2024 at 6:30 am

    Hi Emma

    Bedtime has been ok. We’ve been feeding baby after her bath and pjs with lights on and then turning lights off and putting white noise and sleeping bag on. She definitely gets drowsy whilst feeding, so stopping that and getting her ready for bed is still waking her up fully and she’s not happy about not feeding to sleep! Tonight I ended up feeding her to sleep after 40mins of attempting to settle her – she kept waking up crying a couple of minutes after I’d settled her to sleep with patting and shushing.

    I’ve been nagging my partner to start getting her into her crib for naps rather than on him. She doesn’t seem to have a sleeping on us association luckily, but I think building the same routine for naps will really help. I’ve asked him to watch the course and I will again so we can agree our approach.

    I took some feeding data and timed all the feeds last night. Whilst it did feel like a couple of feeds were more about feeding back to sleep than genuine hunger, the feeds were all a relatively similar length. Do you think I should just keep feeding her through the night rather than trying to withhold any feeding? I think feeding her back to sleep overnight would certainly help with my sanity in the short term whilst we’re practicing the settling pyramid at bed and nap times to try get her to self soothe. Otherwise I worry I’ll be up for hours trying to resettle her every time! Also desperately trying to get more feeds in her through the day to see if that helps, but she’s so easily distracted and I turn out to be her biggest distraction because she just wants to chat to me!

    One final question I had was about the settling pyramid. At the minute because she’s so angry about me not letting her feed to sleep I’m ending up rocking her almost totally to sleep. I try to put her down when she calms and before she gets too sleepy but she pings awake and either gets upset that I’m putting her down or starts fidgeting which makes it hard to pat her because she’s so busy trying to grab my fingers and flinging her legs in the air! Im assuming she needs to be awake when I put her down? I’m definitely stopping rocking her so that she doesn’t become too reliant on rocking to sleep, and I just pat her whilst holding her still once she’s calm.

    Thanks again!