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  • Elen Kalenteryan

    April 21, 2024 at 9:24 pm

    HI Emma,

    Yes, sorry, that was a typo, she turned 16 months old on 18th.
    When she skips her nap at first she is with lot of energy but her eyes are tired. And at the end of the day she starts fussing, at around 5 pm. Yesterday, for example, we were out, she was in a carrier and fell asleep on our way home, so I put her to bed at 5:30 and she slept until 6:15 am.

    Mainly no, she doesn’t nap the whole day, she almost never slept in her stroller, even if she was little. Sometimes in the carrier, but it can be only on weekends when we go out.

    Ok, thanks, I can try putting her to the crib at 12:30 pm, If I give her lunch at 11:30, should she be done eating by 11:45?So that she won’t poop during nap time?I started potty training her, I put her on the potty 30 minutes after she had lunch, which is 20 minutes before putting her to the crib, we don’t have a progress yet, but it just been 2 days of trying.
    Do I understand right that around 12 pm it’s easier to fall asleep? If this works sure I will push back her bedtime at 7 pm.
    And another problem is even if she does fall asleep she wakes up early, today I put her to the crib at 12:05 pm, she talked to herself and at 12:30 fall asleep, but woke up at 13:08. Can the problem be that I couldn’t blackout 100 percent the room?It’s still dark but I read that it should be very dark, so that you can’t see your hand.

    Kind regards,