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  • Emma H

    April 19, 2024 at 10:15 pm

    Hi Angela,

    Firstly, it’s not too late, and you do not need to let her cry it out.

    It sounds like her nights are going smoothly, which is great! And you’ve already created the ideal sleep environment.

    Short naps can be extremely frustrating and tiring!

    I just have a few questions, so when you have time can you answer the questions below?

    1. Does she use a pacifier/dummy?

    2. Are you still swaddling her or has she transitioned to a sleeping bag?

    There are a few options you can try with your little one for daytime naps.

    Option 1: Modify the Settling Pyramid to incorporate rocking

    I am unsure if this would be helpful, but instead of patting her while lying in the crib, you can gently rock her side to side. So you would place one hand on her bottom and gently rock her. This option gives her the movement she may currently need to fall asleep.

    Option 2: Work up to the Settling Pyramid

    Instead of trying the settling pyramid, you could settle her to sleep in your arms but gradually reduce the rocking and the amount of hands-on strategies you’re using just before she falls asleep. Reducing the movement just before she falls asleep will help her learn to fall asleep without movement. This will make moving to the settling pyramid easier when she is ready.

    So it looks like this.

    Complete your nap/bedtime routine and finish by singing a lullaby or a song while you rock her in your arms. This song and routine will become her sleep cue and something you can use when you move to use the settling pyramid.

    – When you finish the lullaby or song, continue rocking her while you pat her bottom and ‘shush’.

    – If she remains calm, stop rocking her and just continue patting her bottom and shushing.

    – If she remains calm, stop patting her and just continue shushing.

    – If she remains calm, stop shushing and simply hold her quietly until she falls asleep.

    – Then, place her in the crib.

    Does this make sense?


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