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  • Maddie Maughan

    April 18, 2024 at 6:57 am

    Hi Emma

    We’re settled in pretty well in our new home, and actually our little girl didn’t really notice any of it so she hasn’t been disrupted at all which is great.

    We’re back to where we were with sleep over a month ago and she is doing some fantastic stretches between 7:30pm and 7am, and this happened with very little intervention from us. This makes me think that all the wakings a couple of weeks ago were more because of her having been poorly.

    I wondered if I could ask about two things:

    1. Our little girl is sometimes waking at 3am very happy and can take till 5am to go back to sleep – do you have any advice on what this might be about? She isn’t upset, and I just try and feed her back to sleep but I’m having to do this several times in the one-two hours she’s awake before it actually works.

    2. A lot of the time at bedtime I am feeding to sleep. There are two things with this. The first is that I’m concerned I’m creating a crutch that will be difficult to stop. Feeding is the last step in our bedtime routine so a lot of the time she falls asleep whilst I’m feeding her. Other times she will finish feeding and I will be able to put her into her crib very sleepy and fall to sleep there. What are the main concerns with feeding to sleep? And any advice on stopping it?

    The second is that if she has fallen asleep mid-feed and I’ve put her in her crib. I can guarantee that 30-45minutes later she will be awake and crying because she’s still hungry. This was an issue over a month ago, and it’s the same thing. Do you have any suggestions about how I can keep her awake for a full feed so that a) she isn’t always feeding to sleep and b) she has a full feed in her before bed.

    Worth noting, we always give her formula at bedtime to help with knowing how much she’s had and to fill her up. But more often than not she wants to top that off with breastfeeding – a lot of the time she stops taking the bottle about half way down and then wants to breastfeed instead.

    Hope you can help!