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  • Vivian Kristina

    April 18, 2024 at 4:32 am

    Hi Emma,

    Thank you for your answers 🙂 I have a couple more side questions:

    I find that my baby recently does not need a pacifier to sleep anymore. Previously I use the pacifier for the start of his naps and bedtime, but now he prefers to suck his thumb. Are there drawbacks to thumb sucking, will it damage his thumb and how do I get him to stop? At what age can babies self soothe with, say a lovey / doll instead of their thumb? What are your recommendations on self soothing?

    Is it ok to use the pacifier in rare occasions beyond 6 months? I use it for some car rides to help him sleep or settle, but not all the time. I don’t use it during the day when he’s awake, only for the start of some naps/bedtime if he takes to it.

    Regarding the wake maintenance zone, he often yawns all the time during his wake window – does that mean he’s sleepy? He’s always willing to interact if I don’t stop and put him to sleep haha

    Thanks Emma!