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Welcome To The Members Area! Forums Baby Sleep Help 5 month old suddenly screaming and refusing to nap Reply To: 5 month old suddenly screaming and refusing to nap

  • Emma H

    April 15, 2024 at 10:14 pm

    Hi Emma,

    It sounds like you’ve had some tough nights recently. Waking up every two hours is definitely exhausting, but it’s encouraging to hear there’s a bit of improvement with less crying.

    Since the disrupted sleep hasn’t been accompanied by teething signs like visible teeth buds and it is lasting more than a few days, it might not be teething causing the wake-ups.

    How is he during his awake times? Is he generally content, or does he seem unsettled then too? Also, have there been any changes recently, such as starting solids or changes in his bowel movements?

    If everything else is stable and he’s usually happy, it might just be that he’s gotten used to needing more comfort to fall and stay asleep. If that’s the case, then I have a few more questions before I can provide suggestions. So when you have some time, can you please answer the questions below?

    1. Does he have a set wake-up time?

    2. What times are his naps during the day? So what’s his general routine for the day?

    3. How do you help him fall asleep during the day – so what’s the nap time routine and then how do you settle him to sleep?

    4. Where does he sleep during the day? Is he in a bedroom and if so is the bedroom dark, cool and quiet?

    5. What time does his final nap of the day end?

    6. What time is bedtime now?

    7. Has the bedtime routine changed? If so what is it now?

    8. When he does fall asleep at night, does he still have a long stretch of sleep or does he wake every 2 hours?

    9. What is overnight like? So what’s the general times of the overnight feeds and when you’re feeding where are you doing this and what’s the room like (eg. are the lights on, do you do it in the bedroom or lounge room etc).

    10. Are you feeding each time he wakes overnight?

    11. Does he use a pacifier?