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  • Vivian Kristina

    April 15, 2024 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Emma!

    Thank you so much, it does clarify things for me 🙂 I’ll try lengthening his wake window before bedtime and see how I go.

    Does it count as a false start if he wakes after 1 sleep cycle every night but just needs a rock/cuddle and shush to fall back asleep and stays asleep until the next morning? He never wakes for a full wake window before sleeping again.

    For one of his naps, usually the 2nd nap in the afternoon he is starting to link sleep cycles – he wakes up for around 15 minutes in between the sleep cycles – does that count as linking sleep cycles?

    Also I’m just wondering what counts as a 4 and 5 month old in terms of baby age weeks?