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  • Emma H

    April 12, 2024 at 9:08 pm

    Hi Vivian,

    Based on your descriptions in this and your previous posts, it seems like the bedtime issues, or “false starts,” diminish when his bedtime is later. This suggests that the current bedtime of 7pm might be a bit too early for him, leading to these issues because he’s simply not tired enough.

    What do you think about moving all of his naps back 15 minutes for a few days? This small adjustment could help push his bedtime slightly later, which might resolve the bedtime false starts. However, if these false starts aren’t bothering you (as it sounds like you can settle him back to sleep pretty quickly) then you can leave his schedule as is.

    As babies get older, you can start watching the clock to determine when they need a nap as they do start to fall into a more predictable schedule as they get closer to 6 months. So if you find that watching the clock works better for your little one then that’s totally ok.

    I hope that helps!