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  • Christine Makhlouf

    April 8, 2024 at 10:53 pm

    Hello Emma,

    thank you for your reply. here are my answers for your questions:

    1. How does your baby fall asleep for naps and bedtime?

    I always used the hands-on approach but recently I have started using the settling pyramid after I’ve taken your course.

    2. Where does your baby sleep overnight?

    in his crib

    3. Is your little one breastfed or formula-fed?

    he is formula-fed

    4. When you say he is waking up for a comfort feed, what makes you think that? For example, if you’re breastfeeding how long is the overnight feed or if you’re bottle feeding how much milk does he drink?

    throughout the day he drinks 5 ounces but at night 3 ounces are enough for him. one time I even gave him 2 ounces and he was fine with it, he went back to sleep right away. This is why I started doubting that he wakes up for comforting feeding.

    your help will he much appreciated 🙂