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  • Emma H

    April 8, 2024 at 9:52 pm

    Hi Vivian,

    Wow 4 months – Time goes so quickly!

    I’m glad to hear he’s settling into a better routine.

    When it comes to adjusting his schedule, a larger shift might be okay—it really depends on what he’s comfortable with. A 30-minute change could be just fine for some babies, but others might need a more gradual approach.

    If he wakes up an hour earlier than usual because of a soiled diaper, you could try changing him with minimal light and interaction, then put him back to bed. However, it’s likely he won’t go back to sleep due to low sleep pressure and his natural circadian rhythm signaling it’s time to wake up. On such occasions, it may be simpler to just start the day, especially if this doesn’t happen often.

    Regarding your question about returning to a 7-to-7 schedule, I assume this is concerning daylight saving time changes. The steps outlined in the video I shared should assist in this transition.

    In regards to when you should put on the thicker sleep sack, if he needs a feed during the night, that would be the time to switch his sleep sack. If he’s not waking for nighttime feeds, I suggest starting with the thicker sleep sack and, if you use central heating, turning it off in his room a few hours before his bedtime to ensure the room is cool.

    I hope this helps!