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  • Maddie Maughan

    April 6, 2024 at 2:07 pm

    Thank you so much, Emma.

    Still slowly working our way right through the course and trying to implement the pyramid technique but also aware that little one is about to go through a big change when we move house in a couple of days so I don’t want to cause too much disruption all at once.

    She is definitely feeling better, and I think you were right that she was still potentially feeling a bit unwell. We’re now managing to get two/two and a half hour stretches, which still isn’t as good as it was a month ago.

    I’ve paid close attention to feeds the past couple of nights and she is definitely feeding for hunger. She has been feeding for 20minutes and more when she’s waking. I’m wondering if she may be having a growth spurt now. I’m removing her from my breast when she’s sleepy and seems to just be suckling and she’s not feeding to sleep for naps at all.

    The main issue we have now is that I can’t get her back to sleep! She’s feeding, coming off the breast and then it’s taking around an hour, if not more to get her to go back into her crib next to me. I’m having to get her into a really deep sleep by rocking, but mostly I’m not actually even rocking or shushing and she just seems to be happy to sleep on me. This is happening one-two times a night. Is the answer to keep practicing the pyramid? And do you think we’re right to wait to push too much with this till after the move (Monday so not long at all!)?

    Sorry to ask more questions! I know everything is a phase so I’m sure it’ll all change again in a few days, but I’d just love to get more than two hours of sleep, and to not be up for hours trying to re-settle!