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  • Emma H

    April 5, 2024 at 9:42 pm

    Hi Vivian,

    It’s perfectly okay to let him wake up on his own during that 30-minute window. However, if he doesn’t wake up by the end of this period, I suggest waking him yourself. For instance, if the window is from 7 to 7:30 am and he’s still asleep at 7:30 am, you should wake him, open the blinds, turn on the lights, and let him get some natural sunlight if possible.

    With the upcoming time change on Sunday, if you find yourself needing to wake him every morning, aiming for a 7:30 am wake-up could help adjust his internal clock.

    Sorry, I thought you were putting him to bed at 7 pm but he wasn’t falling asleep until 8 or 9 pm. If you’re following a 7 am to 7 pm schedule, the time change could potentially shift his routine to 6 am to 6 pm if you don’t adjust anything.

    If you’d like to maintain the 7 am to 7 pm schedule, you could gradually shift his entire routine back by 15 minutes every other day. Although I recommend starting this adjustment a week before the time changes, it’s still feasible to begin now. It will just extend past the time change.

    But in saying that, since he’s 14 weeks old and his internal clock is still developing, this time shift might not greatly affect his sleep patterns. Also if you have been waking him at 7:30 am instead of 7 am, you’re already nudging his schedule.

    Considering his last nap ends at 4:30 pm, another nap before a 7 pm bedtime might be too much. If you want him to have another nap, you would need to move his bedtime to around 9 pm.

    Do you think you could shift his bedtime to 7:30 pm? This later bedtime could help smooth out those evening hiccups. Plus it would give you the time to feed him when he wakes from his last nap of the day, then again at 6:30 pm (which is an hour before bedtime).

    I hope this clears things up!