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  • Vivian Kristina

    April 5, 2024 at 3:05 am

    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for your help! The 2 feeds are very close together (1 hour apart) and I find that my baby needs a long time to settle from a feed due to multiple burps and gassiness. Sometimes during the initial night wakings he would cry and is inconsolable until he burps. In this case would you recommend just doing 1 feed?

    What are your thoughts on overtiredness vs undertiredness? When my baby is fighting a nap, does it mean that he is undertired even though he is showing tired cues? I’m not sure when to do a nap because of the wake maintenance zone, and I’m scared that he will become overtired if he’s awake for too long.

    Because of this, his bedtime has moved up to just before 7pm, and I suspect that the initial night wakings are due to false starts (potentially caused by over/undertiredness?)? What are your thoughts on false starts?

    He can then technically sleep from 6.45pm to 7.15/7.30am with initial night wakings. Is sleeping more than 12 hours through the night okay or should I aim for 11-12 hours with more awake time and by moving his bedtime later?

    Are there daytime sleep totals that I should achieve?