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  • Vivian

    April 3, 2024 at 6:44 am

    Hi Emma, hope you had a good easter break!

    For the past few nights I can’t get a consistent bedtime for my now 16-week old baby, it ranges from 6.30-8pm as it depends on his awake times and naps. I notice that he will only do 4 naps, around 2x 45 min and 2x 30 min naps, he won’t do another nap when I tried. This means that his last wake time is so long, so some days I put him to bed at 6.30pm to avoid overtiredness (he’s awake for 2.5 hours at this point). But he would wake around 3 times until 8/9pm, sometimes it only takes a minute to put him back to sleep, sometimes it takes longer. Is there a maximum wake time for a 4 month old? I think 3 hours is out of the ordinary!

    I wake him at the same time every morning, even when he’s in deep sleep – should I just wait for him to wake naturally within the 30 minute window? I find that he can sleep past 7am although his bedtime was before 7pm – I wonder if it’s because his naps are so short? Are short naps and night sleep beyond 12 hours common? I feel like he would have slept for 12.5-13 hours if I let him.

    I live in Melbourne, do you have any tips for the upcoming daylight savings? 🙂

    Thanks for your help! :’) By doing your course it has overall helped tremendously as he can now sleep through the night after the initial night wakings, and has helped my husband and I so much with our sleep! Catnaps are still challenging for us, but overall we’re so happy with the night sleep 🙂