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  • Kos Syr

    March 31, 2024 at 7:10 pm

    Dear Emma,

    Thank you so much for your help and for all this amazing material of this programme. I went through all your material and by taking into consideration your suggestions.

    Just to see if I understand correctly based on your suggestions and your material.

    If she wakes up 2;30pm and 4;30 pm, having her bedtime at 8pm that means she is genuinely hungry and maybe this will stop next month (6 month) for example. A friend of mine used to feed her baby at 11:30 pm or 12:30pm without awake her baby to stop make him hungry during the night. Is that a good idea or Helen will start a new bad habit. Just wondering.

    Also, when she wakes up before 5:00pm she is crying, but after 5:00 she just stay at her crib and plays with her legs or whatever without or with vocal (but she doesnt cry), and after a while (30 min) I see that she falls asleep by her self for 40 min or so, some others times she just wait there, until I ll go to her. Or even I breast feed her she doesnt fall asleep immediately she stays awake for 15-30 minutes and she falls asleep by her shelf.

    Is that ok to leave her alone until 7 am?

    And last one, maybe is silly one but I would like to see what is the best!!

    what about now when the clock change, and we move one hour forward, shall I keep the old scheduled and keep for example her bedtime at 8pm or move to 9 pm? and try to wake up her at 7? or move to 8? and take her first nap at 10 instead of 9 she used to??

    Last one of her nap, I ve seen on nap scheduled that at that age wake windows is 2-2,5 hours , Is that period even she take short or longer naps?

    Thank you so so much for all this help, because sometimes we fell so lost , with all changes to our baby and trying being consistency is so hard.