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  • Monique Potgieter

    March 31, 2024 at 6:06 am

    Hi Emma<div>

    Thank you, please see my answers below.

    1. How old is your baby? She is 6.5 months old.

    2. What time does her last nap of the day end? Her last nap typically ends around 3 or 4. She is on 3 naps a day. Usually wakes at 6 am (or earlier).

    3. What time is her bedtime? Is this time consistent or does it vary?

    Her bed time is consistent at 6:30. Bath at 6 pm. She is tired at this time (red eyes, rubbing eyes).

    4. What time does she tend to fall into a deeper sleep (so when she sleeps for about 2 hours)? Does this time vary or is it consistent?

    I would say around 8 pm. But during the night she does the same and does not get in longer stretches.

    5. What does she wear to bed? Is she in a swaddle, sleeping bag with arms free etc?

    She typically wears a vest, it was quite hot here now around 28-29 degrees. She moves around a lot. When she was younger we did use a sleeping bag but she does not like it and kicks her legs and feet against the material.

    6. Where does she sleep – what’s the room like?

    She sleeps in her own crib in her oen room.

    We play white noise for her and it is completely dark.

    7. Does she use a pacifier and if so do you need to pop this back into her mouth often. Yes she sleeps with a pacifier and we put it back in each time she wakes up. She wakes up and cries a lot. She can’t self settle and when we leave her for a bit she seems to get more hysterical

    She falls asleep on her own (put her down drowsy but awake) in her crib at night. But when she wakes we cannot always get her to sleep again by just patting. We need to pick her up and rock her or these days offer a feed. She use to only wakeup 2 times per night to drink. She is on 5 (minimum) to 9 (max) hours of sleep per night.

    Thank you Emma.