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  • Emma H

    March 29, 2024 at 8:03 pm

    Hi Jaime,

    It’s so good to hear that the settling pyramid has given you a way to teach your little one how to fall asleep independently, most of the time.

    Regarding the early wake-ups at night, it’s great that they don’t happen often. Given that he is waking occasionally at 10 pm and this is 2 hours after his bedtime, what might be happening is that your little one is transitioning between sleep cycles at this time. You may recall that when your little one transitions between sleep cycles, he may partially wake up. If something disturbs him while he transitioning between sleep cycles, it can cause that partial wake to become a full wake.

    Did something happen just beforehand on the nights that he woke at 10 pm? For example;

    – If you’re sleeping in the same room as your little one, did you or your partner enter the bedroom to go to bed?

    – Was there a sudden noise (like someone using the bathroom or showering)?

    If you identify it is potentially due to these reasons, then it would be a good idea to start doing whatever is it that disturbed him well before or after 10pm. That way, when your little one transitions between sleep cycles you won’t accidentally turn that partial waking into a full waking.

    My other suggestion is to see if you can wait a few minutes before going in to him when he wakes at this time. At the start of the night, their sleep is dominated by deep sleep, so it’s likely that if he does stir and call out, he will fall back to sleep if he is given the time to do so.

    I hope that helps,