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  • Emma H

    March 28, 2024 at 2:39 pm

    Hi Natalee,

    It’s great that you are already planning how to transition your little one from the SNOO to a crib.

    Your plan to start by just freeing one arm is a great idea. As your little one adjusts to having one arm free he may wake up more often. When he does try to use the settling pyramid to help him fall asleep if the rocking motion from the SNOO isn’t enough. After a few nights to 1 week, you should notice his sleep returns to how it was before you let one arm out. When this happens, wait a few nights and then let the other arm out. Then, use the settling pyramid as needed until he adjusts to having both arms free.

    The option to then switch on the weaning mode is excellent. This will make it easier to transition to the crib. I would suggest that when you transition to the crib, you try to ensure the white noise you’re playing is the same/if not similar to the white noise played by the SNOO. If it isn’t going to be the same or you’re choosing not to use white noise, then you might want to stop playing the white noise in the SNOO before you transition to the crib (is that possible?)

    I hope that helps!