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  • Kos

    March 28, 2024 at 1:47 am

    Hi Emma,

    that’s great, anytime visit Greece let us know you could meet in person our little Helen.

    She is 4 month and 10 days, some times she wakes up at 1:30 or 3:30 (most of the times she fall asleep by herself, or she cries from 10-20 minutes and I talk to her to fall asleep.) Bedtime is 8:00 but I feel that from 7:30 she needs to go to her bedtime but when I put her at 7:30 she protest and she cries. Just to let you know that I want to stop breast feeding from next month, and I don’t want her to keep bad habit to wake up if she is not hungry.

    1. How do you get your little one to fall asleep during the day and for bedtime?

    She used to fall asleep between 9-10 am at her crib for half hour, now the last two weeks she started extend her first nap from 30min to 1 and half hour (except today she return to 30 min). The second one nap that was between 12-13:00pm we used to use the stroller (she used to fall asleep for two hours and now when her first nap was 1:30 she fall asleep for 30-40 minutes, she hasn’t extended that nap yet.) and sometimes at 4pm (when she has short nap between 12-1 pm )we tried her to fall asleep at her crib and final sometimes we use babycarrier for 20 minutes around 5:30 to 6pm. Does she need to take her nap all to the crib, is it ok to take one nap outside in her stroller or that confuse her?

    2. Do you have a routine that you do? If so, what’s the final step of the routine?

    pyzamas, diaper,, breastfeeding, bottle, short song, read a book, turn on the noisy machine and goodnight, and we let her alone to fall asleep(sometimes she cries and try to fall asleep ( I am waiting for 5 minutes and I then I get in to room to help her), some other days she falls asleep asap,

    3. Does he use a pacifier?

    No she doesnt

    4. Where does he sleep overnight?at her crib

    5. Is there anyone else in the room? If there is, do they snore/are they a noisy sleeper?

    we are sleeping all together, maybe sometimes we make some noise, I am not quite sure

    6. At the early morning wake (4.30am—5:30am), is the house generally quiet? Is someone up getting ready for work? Are there animals in the house?

    no, the house is general quiet

    7. When he wakes for that 4.30/5 am feed, does he fall back to sleep if you hold him in your arms? Or does he stay awake and is ready to start his day?

    When she wakes up at 4:30/5/6am I used to breastfeeding her for 5-7 ( sometimes less) minutes and then I put her at her crib and she fall back to sleep.

    8. When you feed him at 4.30/5am, do you have a light on in the room/is there some light creeping into the room, or is it dark (so dark enough that you can’t see your hand if you were to hold it in front of your face)? the room is dark, with a very low light lamp,in the corner of her crib.

    9. For the 4.30am – 5am feed do you change his diaper or burp him after the feed?no nothing

    10. What do you do if he stays awake after that early morning feed? Do you turn on the lights and start your day – so get up and have breakfast, or do you stay in the room and keep it dark until a set time?

    When she wakes up at 4:30 she use to cry and as I told I breast feeding and then she fall back to sleep, if she wakes up at 5:30 or 6:00 am she stay alone and she lift her legs, she is doing bubbles with her mouth, and when I breast feeding or bring her to our bed for co-sleeping she falls asleep. Sometimes she finally wakes up at 7:00 or few times at 7:30 (today 7:45), or I don’t turn on the lights before 7:00 but during that time she is awake.

    Thank you in advance


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