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  • Emma H

    March 27, 2024 at 9:45 am

    Hi Sharne,

    You’re right that trying to turn her head to the side while she sleeps would be frivolous, as she would just get back into the position she prefers to sleep in (which is having her hand under her face). My youngest is the same. In fact, when she wakes up, she often has finger indentations on her face! 😂

    Given that your little one is in a sleeping bag with her arms free, the cot is free of toys and rugs/blankets, and she has the strength to push up through her arms to lift her chest off the ground during tummy time, I wouldn’t be concerned. Just ensure that the mattress she is sleeping on is firm (if you push into it with your hand, it quickly bounces back – so it doesn’t leave an indentation) and flat/level (not on an incline), and the mattress itself is covered by a tight fitted sheet. This will ensure that when your little one sleeps on her hand, her mouth is not sinking into the mattress. Also, I am not sure if you’re using them, but I recommend removing any crib bumpers (mesh or padded).

    If you are still concerned, do check in with your doctor.

    I hope that helps!