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  • Kos

    March 26, 2024 at 8:25 pm

    Hi Emma,

    Hi from Greece

    We love the course and we are funs of you, following your instagram account as well.

    I have similar issue with Nicola, with our lady. Our lady is 4 and 10 days old, She falls asleep at 7:50-8:00 pm.

    Can I answer here your questions you propose to Nicola or start a new topic?

    Thank you!!

    1. How do you get your little one to fall asleep during the day and for bedtime?

    2. Do you have a routine that you do? If so, what’s the final step of the routine?

    3. Does he use a pacifier?

    4. Where does he sleep overnight?

    5. Is there anyone else in the room? If there is, do they snore/are they a noisy sleeper?

    6. At the early morning wake (4.30am—5:30am), is the house generally quiet? Is someone up getting ready for work? Are there animals in the house?

    7. When he wakes for that 4.30/5 am feed, does he fall back to sleep if you hold him in your arms? Or does he stay awake and is ready to start his day?

    8. When you feed him at 4.30/5am, do you have a light on in the room/is there some light creeping into the room, or is it dark (so dark enough that you can’t see your hand if you were to hold it in front of your face)?

    9. For the 4.30am – 5am feed do you change his diaper or burp him after the feed?

    10. What do you do if he stays awake after that early morning feed? Do you turn on the lights and start your day – so get up and have breakfast, or do you stay in the room and keep it dark until a set time?