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  • Emma

    March 26, 2024 at 8:21 pm

    Hi Taylor,

    It’s great that you have already worked out that your little one has a dairy/soy allergy and you have already eliminated it from your diet. Have you noticed a change in his fussiness and spitting up? Also, do you have a dietician or pediatrician helping you manage this allergy and the reflux?

    Regarding your questions, when he spits up in the middle of the routine, if it’s a small spit-up, you can quickly wipe him and continue on with the routine. But if he spits up and needs a change, then change him and start the routine again by swaddling him, walking into the dark room with the sound machine on and rocking/shushing him, playing the lullaby, and then setting him down.

    How long you rock him will depend on the situation. If he is upset, you may need to rock him a little longer before he calms down. You want to aim for him to be calm before you set him down.

    It’s great that you have already started using the pyramid. It’s not unusual that they need a bit more help at the beginning as they get used to this new way of falling asleep. But with time, it should get better. Just follow your little one’s lead and provide him with the support he needs at this point in time. With time, he will start to notice the routine, and you will be able to settle him to sleep while he is lying down.

    I hope that helps!