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  • Emma

    March 24, 2024 at 11:08 pm

    Hi Taylor,

    Is it possible to make the routine shorter so your LO doesn’t fall asleep during the routine? Ideally, you want to place them in the crib awake and then help them fall asleep using the pyramid technique. If they fall asleep in your arms every time, then when they wake after one sleep cycle during naps, they’re likely to wake up fully because they’re no longer in your arms (the place they fell asleep). And during the night, they’re more likely to wake up more often in the second half of the night.

    If your little one gets drowsy while you’re doing the routine, you can always cut it short and place them in the crib before they fall asleep. Is that possible?

    If you do place your little one in the crib and climb to the top of the pyramid, picking them up, you have a few options:

    -If you have the time and energy, you could settle them back down and try putting your little one back in the crib and descending the pyramid.

    – If you have climbed to the top of the pyramid and don’t want to try again, you can rock them to sleep in your arms. If you choose to do this, gradually reduce the amount of hands-on strategies you’re applying while they’re in your arms. For example, when holding your little one in your arms, you could start rocking them while you pat their bottom and ‘shush’. Then, as they settle, you could stop rocking and just continue patting their bottom and shushing. If they remain calm, you could stop patting and just continue shushing until they fall asleep. Then, place them in the crib. Reducing the amount of movement will make it easier to move using the pyramid technique when you’re ready.

    I hope that helps!