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  • Emma

    March 20, 2024 at 9:01 pm

    Hi Jaime,

    Sorry, I called you JC before. I am not sure why I did that!

    It’s great that your little one has already figured out how to put it back in his mouth—even though it’s the wrong way!

    You’re right. The AAP recommends back sleeping to prevent SIDS, but the recommendation changes slightly once the baby can roll in both directions. They still recommend you lay the baby on their back when you place them in the crib, but you can let them settle into the sleeping position they prefer (whether it’s on their back or tummy). You still want to ensure the crib is free from toys, loose blankets, crib bumpers, etc., and your baby is sleeping on a flat, firm surface covered by a fitted sheet.

    So if you’re happy to next time it’s time to sleep, lay him on his back, step out of his line of sight, and just watch and listen. Doing this gives him time to find the position he prefers and a chance to fall asleep. If he starts to fuss, you would move up the pyramid (regardless of whether he is lying on his back or tummy). The only difference is that if he is lying on his tummy, you would pat him on his back or bottom instead of his chest. Then, as he starts to settle, you would move back down the pyramid.

    Does that make sense?