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  • Emma

    March 20, 2024 at 9:55 am

    Hi Monique,

    To make sure that I give you the right advice I just need a bit more information. So when you have time and if you’re happy to, can you answer the following questions?

    1. How old is your baby?

    2. What time does her last nap of the day end?

    3. What time is her bedtime? Is this time consistent or does it vary?

    4. What time does she tend to fall into a deeper sleep (so when she sleeps for about 2 hours)? Does this time vary or is it consistent?

    5. What does she wear to bed? Is she in a swaddle, sleeping bag with arms free etc?

    6. Where does she sleep – what’s the room like?

    7. Does she use a pacifier and if so do you need to pop this back into her mouth often?