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  • Emma

    March 18, 2024 at 8:26 pm

    Hi Maya,

    The CIO approach can be highly distressing, so I really hope you’re all doing ok!

    Before I provide any advice, I was hoping you could give more information about your little one’s sleep.

    Can you expand on what you mean when you say he naps well during the day? In particular, I have the following questions:

    • How long are his naps?
    • How many naps does he generally have each day?
    • Where does he usually nap? For example, in a crib, your arms, a recliner, or a baby carrier.
    • How does he fall asleep for naps? For example, do you complete a nap routine and then lay him down in the crib to fall asleep, or do you rock/feed/hold him until he falls asleep?

    Regarding his overnight sleep, I have the following questions:

    • What time is his bedtime?
    • How does he fall asleep?
    • How long does he initially sleep at the start of the night?
    • How often is he waking throughout the night?
    • How often are you feeding him, and when you feed him, where do you feed him?
    • Where does he sleep?

    Regarding his restless legs, have you been able to take a recording of this to show the doctor? If not, I recommend you record your baby while he sleeps during one of these episodes and keep a written record of how often and how long these restless leg movements occur over 2 – 3 nights. Once you have done this, I recommend you take it to his doctor to show him the recording and the data to see if the restless leg movements are more than typical behaviour.