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  • Emma H

    March 17, 2024 at 9:59 pm

    Hi Emma,

    I hope you’re doing okay. It can be hard when you have such broken sleep.

    The 4-month regression is a tough time due to the maturation of your little one’s sleep. He is now progressing through 4 sleep stages and may wake briefly between sleep cycles. If he needs help falling asleep, he may wake up fully and call out to you, leading to multiple overnight wakes.

    All the information in the program will be helpful, but two particular parts will be the most helpful. There is a video titled ‘Managing Catnaps,’ which provides specific information regarding strategies to help with catnaps during the day. There is also a pdf titled ‘Managing The 4 Month Regression,’ which provides specific strategies to help with overnight wakes during this stage.

    In both of these lessons, I talk about how important it is to teach them to fall asleep independently. The way you can do this is by using the settling pyramid for naps and bedtime. In the video titled The Simple Process to Settle Your Baby to Sleep’ I show you exactly how to use the settling pyramid.

    Hopefully you find these strategies helpful and start seeing longer stretches of sleep overnight and more naps soon!