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  • Emma

    March 16, 2024 at 3:27 pm

    Hi Sophie,

    From what you’ve said, I wouldn’t say you are leaving it too late to put him down. If he is used to falling asleep another way (eg. being rocked in your arms or held etc) then your little one might need a little more help from you as he becomes familiar with being laid down to sleep. Basically, it would feel different for your little one. Just continue using the pyramid to help him fall asleep and he will soon become familiar with this new routine.

    Also, it can be helpful to remember that catnaps (so naps for 30 – 45 mins) during the day are normal behaviour at this age. Letting your little one sleep in a dark bedroom free from sudden loud noise and helping him learn how to fall asleep independently will ensure that when he is developmentally able to join sleep cycles, he will be able to.

    I hope that helps!